Product Care - Swags

On behalf of the team at Burke & Wills Australia, we would like to thank you for purchasing one of our premium quality swags. Our superior-level of craftsmanship with all our swags, will ensure you have the confidence to take on any outdoor adventure for many years to come.


To gain maximum performance from your Burke & Wills swag, please follow the instructions listed below. You will also receive an instruction page with your swag. It is essential that you season your new swag, as this will help prevent your swag from any leaks.

  1. To season your swag, first unpack your swag and remove the mattress, poles and any other hardware. Immerse the swag in water, completely soaking and wetting it down in all areas. This can be done in a bathtub or outside using a hose. Once soaked, hang the swag outside and allow it to dry thoroughly. Repeat this process a second time. This process allows the seams to properly seal by expanding and contracting multiple times. It also will remove any pin holes caused by the stitching process resulting in the canvas being more water resistant.
  2. Once the swag is totally dry, you can place the mattress inside the swag and it is now ready for use.
  3. To store your swag, roll up the swag and fasten it tight. It is very important that your swag is completely dry before you pack it away. Store it in a dry place, preferably in a Burke & Wills PVC Swag Bag (optional), until required for use.
  4. Avoid setting up your swag under trees, near water or campfires.
  5. Set up your swag on level ground in a sheltered area, facing away from the wind or rain direction.
  6. If your swag has a three pole system, the longest pole is used in the head area, the second longest pole is used in the middle of the swag and the shortest pole is used at the foot of the swag. Carefully flex the poles into the clips and ring and pin without using excessive force.
  7. If your swag has a top spreader pole, ensure you extend the pole fully and clip down firmly.
  8. Using the cords (supplied with most models), tie the cord ends to a secure item like ground pegs, a rock or a bull bar.
  9. To further secure your swag, we recommend you peg down each corner of the swag through the ring pins.
  10. Ensure the top of the swag is kept stretched so the water can run off easily.
  11. Weather permitting, leave any windows or covers open to assist with ventilation. Failure to keep the swag ventilated may cause water to condensate inside the swag. This can be caused by body perspiration during the night and may be mistaken for the swag leaking. The importance of adequate ventilation is critical in keeping your swag dry and comfortable.
  12. We recommend if you pack your swag while still wet at camp, as soon as you get to the next camp or arrive home, set the swag up again and let it completely dry out before storing it away and next use.


We recommend that you clean the canvas along with the flooring of your swag if required. To do this, just use cold water and a micro-fibre cloth or a soft bristle brush. You should also clean the zippers and tracks to ensure they move freely and are free of any dirt and dust.

DO NOT USE any of the following which may lead to damage of the swag materials/accessories; soap or detergents, aerosol sprays, petrol, oils, solvents or other similar products. Exposure of your swag to any of these items will damage your swag.

Burke & Wills has a Canvas Reproofing Spray which will help restore the waterproof properties of your swag. It contains a registered active ingredient that repels against annoying insects. The Canvas Reproofing Spray also helps protect against mould and mildew. Available in 1L and 375ml bottles.

We unfortunately can't accept returns for mouldy canvas - while it is mould resistant in proper conditions of use and storage, improper care and storage can result in mould.

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